Random Book Blogging: The Day Will Come When Prophets Will Work With Presidents

In my last “Random Book Blogging” post, I excerpted a few passages from Cindy Jacobs’ “Deliver Us From Evil,” but as I work my way through it I continue to come across new passages that I just feel compelled to share, especially in light of this admission:

As the church, we need to ask ourselves, “Why don’t kings and presidents regularly consult with people who have the gifts of prophecy, discernment, and wisdom?

I know that I can say prophetically that in the coming days there are going to be many changes in the way governments look at the Church. There will be prophets who will work with presidents and there will be kings with apostolic gifts to lead their nations. (Of course, many prophets, including me, have already met with government and business leaders at the highest levels.)

So just keep that in mind as you read these other excerpts:

– I have observed that those who go to occult healers actually become inhabited with a demonic “healing spirit” that cooperates with the spirit of infirmity and causes the symptoms to subside for a season. They fake a total healing, only to turn against the sick person at a later time and kill them.

– In Weatherford, Texas, where my husband and I once lived, I was helping a young man involved in a coven break free from his occult past. As we began to address the problem directly, we began to experience spiritual warfare. Specifically, we had occult visitations. Sometimes the spirits would actually come in the form of a large, all-seeing eye (or third eye). In the spirit realm, the intercessors who had gathered at my home and I could see it floating. We would command the eye to be blinded and send it back to where it came from. At other times the watcher spirits would spy through the use of familiars.

– Given what we know about astral travel, we cannot discount dreams that become extremely sexual – we might have been visited by someone in astral form … If you feel that you have had such an attack it is important that you pray for yourself, or even better, ask someone else to pray with you to break any demonic attachment that may have occurred during the dream.

It is critical to have prayer both to break the power of these oppressing spirits and to cleanse yourself of the defilement they bring. If this is not done, the enemy will try to use these dreams against you to lead you into some kind of sexual temptation.

Let me give you can example of how this works: Satan will send demons of lust, perversion or fantasy to try to open a door for him to send along a temptation to get you to fall into sin. The incubus spirit (which takes the form of a male) and the succubus spirit (which takes the form of a female) will try to sexually arouse you in your dreams … This spirit will attach itself to you. From there its job is to send perverted thoughts into your mind. If you at all let your mind dwell on these thoughts, or if you have any generation iniquities of lust, then these start to work together to form a stronghold.

The next step Satan takes is to send an actual person to tempt you to fall into sin.