Random Book Blogging: Harry Potter, Pokémon, And The Danger of Psychics

Last week I started reading “Deliver Us From Evil,” a book written by Cindy Jacobs on how to put a stop to the “occult influence invading your home and community” … by wihich she means thing like Harry Potter books, games like Pokémon, and TV shows like “Buffy The Vampire Slayer.”

Normally in my Random Book Blogging posts I highlight an excerpt for the book I am reading that represents an important point I want to make, but in this case I just want to highlight various sentences and paragraphs in Jacobs’ book that demonstrates what it is all about:

– There are only two sources of supernatural power in this world: that which comes from God and His kingdom and that which comes from Satan’s kingdom. When we give credence to what is simply an irrational belief, then it gives an opportunity for demonic powers to go into operation through that belief. One of the most common ways many societies function in occult superstition is through a belief in luck.

– Since sacrifice releases great power, I am sure the demonic forces are pleased by abortion, considering it an act that empowers them.

– Throwing a penny in a wishing well or looking for a falling star may sound innocent, but if we stop to think about it, we must ask, “Who are we wishing to?” When we believe in luck, we turn to something outside the human realm. If that is not God, then what is it? … Participation in the occult at any level is sin, and Satan knows that the Bible says we will be judged for it.

– Children as young as four participate in Pokémon and its spin-offs. While the game’s creators call it amusement, in reality as players gather more Pokémon they learn to be clairvoyant, summon spirits, practice mind-control and how to dabble in other magical arts. As we discussed in chapter two, Scripture strictly forbids all of this!

– If you played Ouija … you have have picked up some demonic oppression.

– It is really hard to criticize poor, down-trodden Harry [Potter] who suddenly finds out that he is “a somebody” – in fact a very powerful individual who is anything but innocuous. He discovers that he can use his magical powers to do good or evil. This idea of personal power lies behind much of the appeal of Harry Potter, but it is a personal power apart from God. This is indeed a serious deception, one Scripture warns us about in 1 Timothy 4:1. We are to avoid all seducing, deceiving spirits. This is the same bald, crass appeal made by the serpent to Eve in the garden. Satan told her she could have knowledge of everything, and thus power. He fooled her into believing such power is attainable apart from God. This really is the lure of all magic … Harry Potter is clearly demonic in nature.

– There is a plot afoot, a serious threat to the nations of this Earth. This plot involves a sugarcoating and mainstreaming of witchcraft.

Eventually, Jacobs tackles the issue of psychics:

There is no doubt that sometimes psychics are charlatans and fakes out to scam people for money. But often there is real power behind the psychic manifestation of these men and women … What kind of beings are these spirit guides? They are actually demonic beings, only too willing to feed information to anyone who requests it. They may even cooperate with familiar, or family, spirits which know all about the person for whom the reading is being done.

Have you ever wondered how the psychics on the hot line can give such seemingly accurate information? Some are just crafty, while others have tapped into demonic spirits. Many of these psychics are adept at asking leading questions, which is an interrogation method called cold reading.

But apparently, there is a huge difference between that and the sort of thing Jacobs does: