Random Book Blogging: God Destroyed New Orleans With Katrina To Show Gays He Loves Them

Today’s installment of Random Book Blogging come from “The Seven Mountain Prophecy” by Johnny Enlow, who explains that God sent Hurricane Katrina to destroy New Orleans because it was his way of showing gays how much he loves them: 

To stay locked in homosexuality is to remain in worship of Baal – and it is specifically Baal who is about to suffer profound repercussions brought on by the Elijah revolution.

As mentioned in a previous chapter, I wrote a prophetic newsletter in October 2004 (before Katrina) warning of judgments coming to a stretch of land from Mobile to New Orleans. I wrote that an altar of Baal existed between these cities and that Mobile, Biloxi, and New Orleans all carried stones of this altar. Mardi Gras began in Mobile back in 1699, though New Orleans has become more famous for it. The origins of Mardi Gras come from the fertility festival of Lupercalia, which has direct roots to Baal worship. Mardi Gras is essentially a celebration of Baal. I wrote that the next hurricanes would be judgment storms, and that New Orleans was headed for a “big uneasy.” I also wrote “Biloxi: The Eye of the Hurricane Has Your Name on It.” I shared that the hurricanes of 2004 were warning storms of what would be God’s manifest judgments of Baal’s altar at the geographical area of our nation.

A mass homosexual parade and celebration that was to bring many millions of dollars to New Orleans was scheduled the week Katrina hit the city. Baal was doubling up in the city by adding homosexual decadence to his existing active altar there. Hurricanes Wilma and Rita also each brought judgments on cities that were about to host major gay events – Key West and Cancun – thus seriously curtailing the celebration of gay acceptance. God loves homosexuals so much that he will spare no expense in making it clear that homosexuality is an abomination to Him and that he can deliver someone from it. The name Katrina even means “purity” – perhaps a message of God’s intent for that hurricane. What looks like God’s anger against homosexuals is really His passionate love working to spare them from greater judgment – lifetime in real hell.