Random Book Blogging: Gary North, AIDS, Ron Paul, and Christian Reconstructionism

Recently, I wrote about how Janet Porter has been, and Rep. Michele Bachmann will be, associating with Gary DeMar and Gary North, both of whom are unabashed Christian Reconstructionists and believe that every aspect of our society should be governed according to Biblical law.

So I recently ordered “Christian Reconstruction: What It Is, What It Isn’t,” a book co-written by North and DeMar. 

I just started reading it, but I want to highlight a few tidbit from the Preface, written by North, like the fact that in 1976 he “joined the Congressional staff of Dr. Ron Paul” and the fact that he says AIDS is “God’s eloquent response to the myth of moral neutrality.”

But mostly I just wanted to call attention to this passage:

God is plowing up the modern world. This is softening the Establishment’s resistance to many new ideas and movement, among which Christian Reconstruction is barely visible at present. This is good for us now; we need the noise of contemporary events to hide us from humanist enemies who, if they fully understood the long-term threat to their civilization that our ideas post, would be wise to take steps to crush us.