Randall Terry Unveils Racist Ad Attacking Obama and Samuel L. Jackson

Operation Rescue founder Randall Terry did his best impersonation of a stereotypical black man while reading his poem, “New Uncle Tom,” which attacked Samuel L. Jackson over his appearance in a pro-Obama web ad for the Jewish Council for Education and Research. Channeling “Sir Reginald Bling,” Terry knocked “my man Samuel L. Jackson” for working as an “angry black political agitator” in a poem with “lines [that] come straight from many of Mr. Jackson’s films.” “When there’s too many black kids running around, who do you call to clean up your town, when you absolutely got to kill every baby in the womb, accept no substitute–Planned Parenthood is the tomb,” Terry/Bling said, “When it’s time for the work of the Ku Klux Klan, Samuel L. Jackson is the man.”

Terry is running as an independent for President in three states and for US Congress in Florida so he and his acolytes can run graphic ads opposing abortion rights. He also made a TV ad accusing Jackson of “carrying water for racists” and to “wake up and smell the burning crosses.” As we reported earlier, Terry plans to run the ad “on nearly 130 stations in over 30 markets.”

This isn’t the first time Terry posed as Sir Reginald Bling, either: