Randall Terry to Run for President So He Can Air Graphic Anti-Abortion Ads Nationwide

During the last election, a Randall Terry associate named Missy Smith decided to challenge Eleanor Holmes Norton, Washington DC’s Delegate to Congress … not because she had any chance of winning, but because by running for office it allowed her to exploit a loophole that prohibits broadcasters from refusing to run ads from candidates or from censoring such ads “in any way, or for any reason.”

Thus, Smith was able to run hundreds of graphic anti-abortion ads on TV stations throughout the DC region, thanks to tens of thousands of dollars in donations that poured in from anti-choice activists all over the country.

And in 2012, Terry is planning on taking the effort nationwide by launching his own bid for President and recruiting at least 25 other candidates who will run for office simply to get more graphic ads on the air:

Smith’s Campaign Manager, Randall Terry, indicated this past Friday that, based on the results of the Washington campaign strategy, they are planning to enlist 25 new candidates to run in the 25 largest media markets in America for the 2012 elections.

“The TV ads made a major impact both inside and outside of Washington,” Terry stated. “In 2012, we want to do the same thing at a much greater scale.”

“By running campaign ads in the top 25 media markets, we can reach 1/3 of the nation with a message about the truth and horror of abortion.”

Randall Terry, who founded Operation Rescue in 1986, stated that he is also seriously considering a campaign for the Presidency in 2012 in order to move the debate and media distribution for ads concerning the truth of abortion to the national level.

“I am under no delusion that I can win,” Terry stated. “But we know that debate concerning the truth of abortion could brought into the political spotlight just by carefully placing one ad on national TV before Super Tuesday.”