Randall Terry Sets Off Anti-Choice Civil War

Last week Randall Terry sent out an email essentially declaring war on all the other pro-life organizations, calling them frauds and scam-artists who take money from anti-choice activists and produce nothing of value, targeting Priests for Life and Americans United for Life by name: 

Our team spent a long time talking about the material for this show and preparing for it. So I am not going to spend the time now typing out what I said. If this interests you, please watch the show.

But the essence is this: some LEADERS and MANY CHARLATANS in the pro-life movement are like PRO-LIFE VAMPIRES, living off the blood of babies. The very fact that they DO NOT FIGHT KAGAN is the proof of their hypocrisy and duplicity. And their silence is driven by MONEY; the “tax exempt status.”

They are useless; they are collaborators with the baby killers themselves. (I DO NOT perceive Fr. Pavone to be fully in that camp, but he is flirting with the wrong people, and it comes out loud and clear in his letter. His organization has clearly put money ahead of the babies in certain fights; I beg your prayers for him and his organization.)

So, using the words of the Priests for Life letter that just went out, and using the useless, godless letter sent out by Americans United for Life – and signed by other pathetic groups – I am drawing a line in the sand, for the sake of the babies.

If the babies – who are being butchered and thrown in sewers and landfills at the rate of 3,500 souls per day – have these men and women as their advocates and protectors, we shall witness millions more perish because of the treachery, love of money, and love of “respect” that guides these cowards and collaborators with the child-killers.

Terry then went on to continue his attacks on his television program on Friday (skip ahead to the 7:00 mark):

And on Saturday, Terry sent out another email containing the original Priests for Life fundraising email that initially set him, which I want to highlight because it reveals that the organization has nearly $1 million in overdue bills: 

I’ve sent you this urgent email because your mission to end abortion is in serious jeopardy!

For years you have dedicated your life to saving innocent babies from the terrible horror of abortion. Your absolute and unwavering commitment to the youngest members of our human family is beyond question. Your loyal and generous support for the work of Priests for Life proves it.

But Priests for Life is in a huge financial hole. I just met with our finance department and our outstanding payables have reached the critical stage:

* Bills now over 90 days old total $673,379.18
* Those over 60 days are another $175,215.76

That’s $848,594.94 in overdue bills that must be paid … now!

But the only way that can happen is if you click here and rush Priests for Life the largest financial gift you can send … today!

It is critically important that you do this before you go on to your next email.

I’m counting on your help because our financial crisis here at Priests for Life threatens to derail your pro-life mission.