Randall Terry is Winston Churchill and Everyone Else Is a Nazi Appeaser

Last week we noted Randall Terry was going after other pro-life groups for their failure to mobilize activists to stop Elena Kagan, accusing them of being frauds and charlatans who collect donations to fight abortion and then do nothing.

Over the weekend, Terry penned another scathing attack, this one directed at Steven Ertelt and his LifeNews.com for claiming that there was a “silver lining” in Kagan’s confirmation.

Needless to say, Terry does not agree:

This is one long lie. I repeat, it is a lie, designed to get you and I to fall in line, and get behind the Neville Chamberlains of today – Republican hacks and failed pro-life groups.

How dare any of us – whether Steve Ertelt, or Carl Levy, or a clergyman, or anyone – say, or even imply, that we are winning in the presence of 50,000,000 mangled babies? How dare we say we are winning when we just lost (without almost no fight) to Elena Kagan? This is the same delusional and destructive spirit embodied in Neville Chamberlain, which almost cost England its survival.

We do not need bouncing cheerleaders to swing pom-poms around and tell us we are winning, while we are down by an insurmountable score. This is not high-school basketball. It is a life and death struggle with real victims, and we are losing.

Mr. Ertelt’s article made Kagan’s victory seem like a huge step forward for life and liberty.

I wrote to Mr. Ertelt, and told him plainly (among other things) that his story was “…an evil beyond comprehension. For you to try to do anything other than tell the truth about Kagan’s victory – that her confirmation is a huge, horrifying victory for the child-killers – shows that you are a fraud.”

I told him he is a “collaborator with the child-killers…” and that the elevation of Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court was akin to the fall of France to the Nazis, and trying to give Kagan’s victory a “positive spin” is akin to whoredom.