Randall Terry: Abortion, an “evil…far worse than slavery”

Today, Right Wing Watch went to the National Press Club for a second helping of Randall Terry’s Chicken Wings and Guinness – and of course to hear Terry discuss how Tiller’s death and office closing can be beneficial to the pro-life movement, derail Sotomayor’s confirmation, and eventually, overturn Roe. Terry compared the “plight” of anti-abortionists in the country to that of abolitionists like Nat Turner, whose rebellion according to Terry “holds the key to pro-life success” and “overturning Roe v. Wade.”

Terry, who believes that abortion is far worse than slavery according to this document [pdf] handed out at today’s press conference, called anti-abortionists the “ethical heirs of the abolitionists” and pro-choicers the “ethical heirs of the slave owners”: