Rand Paul Endorses An Alex Jones Acolyte For Congress

Earlier this month, we released a report featuring short profiles of 12 far right-wing candidates who are running for office in 2018; one of those candidates was Michael Snyder, a conspiracy theorist prepper who is running for Congress in Idaho.

As we noted in our report, Snyder is a hardcore anti-fluoride and anti-vaccination activist and a rabid conspiracy theorist who speculated that the 2017 mass shooting in Las Vegas may have been carried out by Antifa activists as an “attack on Trump supporters.” Snyder says that he is running for Congress in order to be President Trump’s “best friend in Congress,” but he is also very close friends with fellow conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and has appeared on Jones’ Inforwars network multiple times, where he praised Jones and declared that he would love to see Congress filled with dozens of “Infowars candidates” like himself.

Just last week, Snyder joined Jones for a program during which he pledged that if he is elected, he is “going to be the most hated member of Congress” and promised that “I’ll go right to the floor of the House of Representatives and I’ll start ranting like Alex Jones.”

On Friday, Snyder excitedly announced that he had received the endorsement of Sen. Rand Paul:

Michael Snyder is a champion of liberty and the only one I can support for Congress in Idaho’s first congressional district. He’s the only one who will stand up to the corruption in Washington DC and fight the ever expanding reach of big government.

We need to send an outsider and a fighter to Congress and Michael Snyder is that man. I urge all Idahoans to get out and vote on May 15th for Michael Snyder for Congress if you want to see real change in Washington.

Snyder’s announcement was retweeted by Sen. Paul’s Twitter account: