Rain Ruins Hagee’s Shot At Movie Stardom

Apparently John Hagee was all set to appear in the Billy Graham biopic “Billy: The Early Years” which chronicles Graham’s calling to the ministry, but the weather didn’t cooperate:

Among the extras in the film, which tells the story of the formative years of famed Christian evangelist Billy Graham, are Eddyville residents Heath and Christi Carlton and A.J. and Julia Littlepage.

Littlepage said she and her husband got the opportunity to be in the film through their support for John Hagee Ministries.

Hagee and his ministerial team were originally supposed to appear in the film, during a tent revival scene where a young Graham accepts Christ and begins his road to greatness.

Hagee Ministries staffers notified the Littlepages in March about the opportunity to be extras in the film.

But rain on the scheduled day of shooting forced its postponement and forced Hagee out of the picture, Littlepage said, expressing disappointment at failing to meet one of today’s widely-followed evangelists.

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