Radical Right-Wing Pastor Greg Locke to Join Multiple GOP Politicians at North Carolina Conference

On Saturday, the North Carolina Faith & Freedom Coalition will host a “Salt & Light Conference” where members of Congress, several North Carolina state legislators, the state’s lieutenant governor, and various candidates for office will share the stage with right-wing pastor and unhinged conspiracy theorist Greg Locke.

Republican Reps. Ted Budd and Madison Cawthorn of North Carolina are both listed as confirmed speakers, as are Erin Paré, David Willis, Vikki Sawyer, and Ted Alexander, all of whom are members of the North Carolina state legislature. Phil Berge, president pro tempore of the state Senate, and Tim Moore, speaker of the state House, will address the crowd. Pat McCrory, the former governor of North Carolina who is now running for the U.S. Senate, and Mark Walker, a former congressman who is likewise running for the Senate, are also listed as speakers, as is Paul Newby, the chief justice of the state Supreme Court, and Mark Robinson, the state’s lieutenant governor.

The North Carolina Faith & Freedom Coalition is a state affiliate of the Faith & Freedom Coalition, a religious-right organization found by right-wing activist Ralph Reed, who will be in attendance and sharing the stage with the likes of Mike Huckabee and Christian nationalist pastor Robert Jeffress.

Other speakers include actor Kevin Sorbo, former professional wrestler Ted DiBiase, viciously anti-gay pastor Patrick Wooden, “birther” conspiracy theorist and former sheriff Joe Arpiao, right-wing radio host E.W. Jackson, and Trump-loving pastor Mark Burns.

It is concerning that Locke, who seems to have photoshopped the official flyer to make his participation more prominent, will be sharing the stage with myriad elected Republican officials and candidates despite his well-documented history of using his pulpit to promote outrageous conspiracy theories.