QAnon Conspiracy Theorist: Raid on Epstein’s Island Was Staged to Prepare Public for Future Stings

(Screenshot / YouTube)

Jordan Sather, a bleach-drinking conspiracy theorist and prominent pro-QAnon voice on YouTube, told his viewers yesterday that a recent FBI raid on Jeffrey Epstein’s private island was staged as part of a plan to “accustomate the public” to seeing federal agents raiding billionaires who participate in sex-trafficking.

In a video uploaded yesterday to Sather’s YouTube channel “Destroying the Illusion,” which has nearly 200,000 subscribers, Sather opined that he believed that the federal raid against now-deceased Epstein, a hedge-fund multimillionaire with friends in high places who was awaiting trial for sexual assault and trafficking of minors when he died, was part of a larger operation to prepare the public to see more well-known figures investigated for similar crimes.

It was “great news” that the FBI raided Epstein’s island mansion, Sather said before taking a moment to address skeptics who believe that the feds were actually covering up evidence of Epstein’s wrongdoings.

“A lot of the bad apples within the FBI have been shaken off the tree by now. There’s been a cleansing going on within that three-letter agency over the last couple years, especially a lot of those high-level officials that were very corrupted are out of there. Remember that. So, the FBI now is not what it used to be,” Sather said.  “It’s much more cleansed. Not saying it’s perfect, not saying that everybody in the FBI is great, but it’s much different than it used to be.”

“If the deep state wanted to hide anything on Epstein’s island, they wouldn’t send dudes in there on speedboats in FBI and NYPD gear in front of the cameras to do it, right?” Sather said. “So keep that in mind. This is a good reason, a very good thing that these guys are on their island.”

Sather then said that officials raiding Epstein’s island “begs the question” of whether the entire thing was “all a show.”

“We do know that the patriots are in control. They have a lot of information. I would imagine they have already plenty of intelligence on Jeffery Epstein, many of his connections and what goes on on his island. But again, a lot of what’s going on with Epstein’s suicide and this whole situation is kind of a spectacle, in my eyes at least,” Sather said. “It’s kind of a spectacle. It’s a show. It’s being done to make the public aware, accustomate the public to seeing federal agents investigate high-profile, billionaire sex trafficking. So, who knows what they’re really doing on Epstein’s islands, but nevertheless, I don’t think it’s deep state.”