Q​Anon Candidate Angela Stanton-King Says ‘Something Ain’t Right’ With Trump COVID-19 Announcement 

Congressional candidate Angela Stanton-King (Photo from Stanton-King for Congress campaign website.)

Angela Stanton-King, who promotes QAnon conspiracy​-​theory rhetoric while running as a Trump-supporting Republican for the congressional seat held by the late civil rights icon John Lewis, tweeted vaguely Friday that “something ain’t right” with President Donald Trump’s announcement that he had tested positive for COVID-19.

The hundreds of comments from Stanton-King’s supporters are a window into​ the mindset of right-wing conspiracy theorists.

Some suggested that Trump’s diagnosis is evidence of “spiritual warfare” being waged against him. Others wondered, like Infowars’ Deanna Lorraine, if “’they’ did something at the debate.” One declared that White House aide Hope Hicks was “infected by adversary knowing potus would get it.”

Others promoted the idea circulating among many QAnon-promoting social media accounts that the announcement is a sign the “The storm is upon us”—in Q​Anon-speak, “the storm” refers to the mass arrest of powerful satanic pedophiles that QAnon supporters have been waiting for. Along those lines, one commenter suggested that COVID​-19 is a cover story: “Lots can be accomplished in quarantine that couldn’t be otherwise. Fewer contacts & interruptions, secret signatures & Planning meetings. Covid offers the perfct front.”

Stanton-King, a goddaughter of anti-abortion activist and POTUS Shield member Alveda King, was pardoned by Trump earlier this year for a conviction involving her participation in a car-theft ring.