Trapped in the Closet

The AP has an article on the on-going battle over Prop. 8 in California that relates that the people and organizations behind the “yes” effort are trying to conceal their true identity and find a way to get people to to support their effort to “turn back the clock without appearing mean-spirited or out of touch with a mainstream that has become increasingly tolerant of gay relationships”: 

The Yes on 8 strategy for now involves emphasizing the court’s role in upsetting the status quo while downplaying what the amendment’s passage would mean for gays and lesbians. The campaign’s literature and official ballot arguments both state the amendment is needed because “four activist judges in San Francisco wrongly overturned the people’s vote” and that “it’s not an attack on the gay lifestyle.”

Frank Schubert, a veteran public relations strategist who is co-managing the Yes on 8 campaign, said the understated strategy is designed to counter the principle message of gay rights advocates, who are portraying the upcoming vote as a matter of fairness and equality.

“They want people to feel like you are a bad person if you support what has been the definition of marriage since the dawn of time,” Schubert said.

By avoiding anti-gay stereotypes and religious references, gay marriage opponents will more effectively reach potential supporters who might worry that backing the measure would get them labeled as “bigots or homophobes,” he said.

It is too bad that the ProtectMarrige supporters just aren’t comfortable being honest with themsevles and society about their true feelings.  I mean, just look at this list of those endorsing the effort – it practically screams anti-gay bigotry and homophobia:

Alliance Defense Fund
American Family Association
California Family Alliance
California Family Council
Concerned Women for America
Coral Ridge Ministries
Eagle Forum of California
Eagle Forum of Sacramento
Family Research Council
Focus on the Family
Liberty Counsel
Pacific Justice Institute
Traditional Values Coalition

You are not fooling anyone, ProtectMarrige, so please just come out of the closet and be honest with yourselves.  We promise that nobody will think any less of you than they already do.