‘Prophetic’ Shawn Bolz Says Kavanaugh Nomination An Answer To Prayer, Chance For God To ‘Correct’ Roe

'Prophetic' speaker and author Shawn Bolz. (Image from Bolz Ministries video.)

Shawn Bolz, author and TV host and member of the “prophetic movement,” wrote for Charisma’s “Prophetic Insight” on Monday that the Supreme Court is part of the “blueprint” God has for America and that Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination “might just be one of our biggest answers to prayer in our whole generation.”

From Bolz’s column:

I feel like before any great outpouring or revival in America we have faced political turmoil, but we have also seen God answer the prayers of America by raising up key figures who kept us in our lane in the nations. Picture Ronald Reagan when we were going through another season of moral and social bankruptcy, and God raised Him up as a fathering voice that caused America to turn at a key time.

I believe Kavanaugh. to be one of these potential appointments. Picture the Supreme Court that is willing to stick to America’s balance versus siding with the massive liberal agenda. With such a volatile landscape where family identity, sexual identity, gender identity and child rights are so important, this might just be one of our biggest answers to prayer in our whole generation.

Let’s pray together for this appointment; it will affect not only your future but your children’s as well. …

Kavanaugh is a young man who can be in office for decades, and he needs our prayers now more than ever. God has a plan, and I believe Brett is part of it. Let’s prophesy him into place, but also pray for his heart to come into the very necessary conviction that God intends for him to have with a Spirit of God’s wisdom and Revelation.

Bolz believes Kavanaugh will not be Trump’s last Supreme Court nominee. “I felt three years ago that God had three new Supreme Court justices” in mind for the next president to pick, wrote Bolz. Three years later, he is convinced. “I also want to prophetically state that there is another choice coming,” he said. “God has a third Supreme Court justice to be put into place within the next four years, and I believe this will be even as important, or possibly more so, than what we are looking at right now.”

Bolz is not alone in prophesying that President Trump will have multiple opportunities to nominate Supreme Court justices. Other Trump-supporting “prophets” have been praying that God would “remove” or “sweep” current justices off the court to create vacancies for Trump to fill.

Like other Religious Right figures, Bolz connects the current vacancy to God’s plan to overturn Roe v. Wade. “When Roe v. Wade, among other terrible laws, was passed in modern history, God already had a plan in place to correct this, not only morally but legally,” Bolz said. “He has also been building a message in culture around family, love, marriage and morality that we needed to begin to have in place for the laws to stick.”