‘Prophet’ Mark Taylor Attacks Robert Jeffress for Promoting COVID-19 Vaccines

With COVID-19 vaccine skepticism prevalent within the white evangelical community, Trump-loving right-wing pastor Robert Jeffress has been a rare voice urging conservative Christians to get vaccinated, declaring last week that “there is no credible religious argument against the vaccines.”

Predictably, that is not sitting well with right-wing anti-vaccine activists Mark Taylor, the so-called “firefighter prophet,” and right-wing commentator Chris McDonald, who lost his own father to COVID-19 recently. The duo used McDonald’s “The McFiles Show” Tuesday night to attack Jeffress for supposedly promoting an “Illuminati cabal New World Order agenda.”

“We’ve all done our research,” Taylor said. “We all know the chemicals, the different things that are in there that are designed to literally take life away from people. Your body and my body are the temple of the Holy Spirit. … When you take the jab, you are not honoring God’s temple; you are corrupting it.”

Taylor insisted that Jesus would never take or encourage others to take a vaccine, so any pastor that does so is following the “Illuminati cabal New World Order agenda.”