‘Prophet’ Jeff Jansen Says Trump Was ‘Hand-Selected’ to Lead U.S. Back to Christianity, Election Is ‘Literally Good Versus Evil’

Jeff Jansen, a self-proclaimed “prophetwho leads Global Fire Ministries International in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, appeared on the Destiny Image YouTube channel Friday where he declared that the choice in the upcoming election “is literally good versus evil.”

Not be be outdone by fellow Trump-loving right-wing pastor Robert Henderson who on the same program compared the election to the 9/11 terror attacks, Jansen asserted that President Donald Trump has been “hand-selected” by God to lead America to Jesus Christ and that the Democratic Party is “anti-God” and fundamentally evil.

“God hand-selected him to be a type of Cyrus, or however you want to look at it, because he was a bulldog, and he would not back down,” Jansen said. “He was not owned. He didn’t need the money. He didn’t need the prestige. He was actually doing great. He didn’t need the presidency of the United States, but because he’s a patriot, he is a true patriot and God hand-selected him to be able to go in not as a politician, but as a businessman and as someone who had the heart of the American people as premier.”

“God is using him … to lead America back to God again,” Jansen added. “And when I say God, I’m specifically saying the Lord Jesus Christ. I’m not talking about Muslim, Muhammad. I’m not talking about Hinduism, Islam. I’m talking about the Lord Jesus Christ, Christianity.”

“There are two choices that we have,” he continued. “And the choices are this: It’s not a Democratic Party. It’s not a Republican Party. It’s good versus evil. And I’ll go on record to say that the Democratic Party today is the anti-God party. It just is. … This is not Democratic, and this is not Republican. This is good versus evil. The Democratic Party of today is anti-God, they want to pull God out of The Star-Spangled Banner, they want to pull it out of all of our context, and they are anti-Christian, they are anti-God. They are pro-abortion, partial-birth abortion. They [support the] destruction of the family with homosexual marriage.”

“On the other hand, President Trump is fighting for our freedom,” Jansen stated. “We don’t have an option anymore. There is no Republican-Democratic option. This is literally good versus evil.”