Prop 8 Leader Supports Thrice-Married Adulterer

Jim Garlow was one of the, if not the, key Religious Right leaders helming the fight to pass Proposition 8 in California.  And the reason he did so is because those who seek marriage equality are driven by “an Antichrist spirit” as part of an effort by Satan to “destroy the definition of marriage” so that people will fall away from God.

Garlow is close friends with Newt Gingrich, who carried on an affair with the woman who would become his second wife while he was still married to his first … and then proceeded to do the very same thing to his second wife with the woman who would become his third.   And since Gingrich is so very, very sorry for his past indiscretions, he has been forgiven and so his presidential aspirations now have Garlow’s approval:

Jim Garlow, the pastor of Skyline Church, a congregation in a San Diego suburb, called Gingrich “the strongest possible candidate” for the GOP nomination. Garlow led the effort in 2008 to pass Proposition 8, which outlawed same-sex marriage in California.

Last year, Garlow agreed to serve as chairman of Gingrich’s faith-based nonprofit, for which he receives what he called a “small stipend.” Since then, he has provided Gingrich with entree to evangelical circles nationwide.

Garlow agreed to head ReAL after a private meeting at which Gingrich acknowledged his past marital failings and began to weep as he spoke of his love for his two daughters.

“In my bleakest days when I was doing wrong, I knew it was wrong,” Garlow quoted Gingrich as saying. “There was no attempt to justify his actions.”

As Garlow explained several months ago in a video recorded for Cindy Jacobs’ “Reformation Day” election prayer event, he supports Gingrich because Gingrich wakes up every day and asks “what can I do today to save Western Civilization?”: