Presumably, Parking Won’t Be An Issue

A few weeks ago, Barack Obama held a rally in Lynchburg, VA not far from Liberty University.  Just down the road from the rally site was a shopping plaza where those attending the rally were expecting to park – unfortunately for them, the lot was owned by Liberty University and they refused to let rally attendees use it, citing IRS regulations. 

Which makes this article all the more interesting:

John McCain’s brother Joe McCain will lead a public rally at Liberty University on Friday, Chancellor Jerry Falwell Jr. announced to students during the school’s convocation Wednesday.

Falwell also announced an unprecedented push at the school to distribute thousands of voter registration forms to students, both in the dorms and in the classrooms.

He said students have the potential to influence a tight presidential race in which Virginia is considered a key state.

“We only encourage you to educate yourself on the issues, and vote your conscience,” Falwell told students.

Joe McCain is scheduled to speak briefly at Friday’s convocation service at 10 a.m. at the Vines Center, said Liberty spokesman Johnnie Moore.

McCain then will head to Roanoke for a campaign stop, and return to Lynchburg for a 2 p.m. rally from the campaign’s “Victory Bus” in front of the Vines Center.

Of course, Falwell insists that this is totally different: 

Parking isn’t the same kind of issue with Friday’s campaign event, Falwell said, because the school has met IRS regulations by extending an offer to the Obama campaign to come to LU. 

So Liberty couldn’t let people attending an Obama rally use its lot because of tax concerns, but can let the McCain campaign hold a rally right on campus?  Falwell admitted back during the Obama flap that, had it been McCain seeking to use its parking lot,   “It’s true we’d be a little more tempted to help.”   No kidding. 

(Via AU’s Wall of Separation)