Prayer Warriors Descending On DC To Shift The Government And Claim The 7 Mountains

One of the most difficult things about keeping track of the rise of self-proclaimed Prophets, Apostles, and Intercessors within the Religious Right is the fact that the movement is so massive and diverse.  There are dozens, if not hundreds, of different leaders all with different organizations and ministries which often work together and frequently overlap while maintaining their own agenda’s and handing out their own prophecies.

For every Lou Engle, Jim Garlow, and Cindy Jacobs who makes the open transition to Religious Right activism, there are dozens of other equally committed but less front-and-center activists like Rick Joyner and Chuck Pierece. And for every Joyner and Pierce, there are dozens of others we have never even heard about … like Georgian Banov.

But just because we haven’t heard of Banov until today, it doesn’t change the fact he hast spent the last six months engaged in a targeted prayer effort focused on the East Coast as part of a “campaign of electing a new leadership for the United States of America”:

The Lord of the Angel Armies personally disclosed Heaven’s battle plans with His own breath. Elijah was to anoint two kings and a prophet — there was to be a changing of the guard, God had provided the defeat of the enemy.

Last November, along with several Washington DC churches and house of prayer ministries, we gathered in our nation’s capital for a week of intercession for the United States of America. Leaders who love life were elected into office in both of the states we were praying for; we had a landslide victory and the freedom bell began to ring.

That night we began to hear the Lord’s holy whisper – I have a plan to shift your nation back onto its righteous course. The vision unfolded and we saw a new Congress filled with humble yet strong leaders.

In just six months, the United States midterm elections will be held. All 435 seats in the House of Representatives and 36 of the 100 seats in the Senate will be contested. The Lord has already chosen men and women that He wants in these governmental positions. He has picked leaders with hearts that are filled with the values of Heaven—those who love life and justice, compassion and truth.

Next week we will launch a prophetic summit and prayer initiative from Boston, which will continue nationwide through the 2010 elections on November 2nd.

On the audio clip posted on that page, Chuck Pierce tells Banov that an “Army of Saints” would arise out of Boston and sweep out over the nation and achieve the goals that Banov had set in his list of very specific, very political prayer targets: 

  • We declare that another great awakening has begun.
  • We declare that this awakening will bring about a cultural transformation and a return to the values of our founding fathers.
  • We declare that the church will again be salt and light in American society.
  • We declare revival in the church, restoring the fire of the early church during Pentecost and birth of Christianity.
  • We decree a shift in the United States Congress in the Fall of 2010 towards life, justice, compassion and truth.
  • Just as the election of Senator Brown was a signal of the end of secular liberalism, let these decrees be heard as thunder in the heavens and shake Washington DC this November.
  • We call for a new congress of leaders who are servants, not career politicians; sons and not orphans; lovers of life, truth and compassion.

And now, as the mid-term elections approach, Banov and company are descending upon Washington DC for a week of strategic “worship, prayer and prophetic declaration over our nation” in order to gain control of the 7 Mountains that dominate our nation:

The Glory Shift events in New Jersey, Maine, and Washington DC are a part of capturing this divine opportunity. Join us as we bring together apostles, prophets and intercessors to pray, declare and decree. This is a glorious opportunity for the Church to shape the future of our culture and shift the direction of our country toward compassion, justice, truth and righteousness.

Much has been brought to light about the “7 Mountains” that shape society. In America, of these seven, the roots of four lie deeply in the Northeast – “The Womb of the Nation.”

Washington, DC, which is also in the Northeast Corridor, is the epicenter of US politics. It is the home of our President, Congress, the Supreme Court, and the offices of the Federal Government. Much of the future of our nation rests upon the decisions that are made in this powerful city.

We invite you to join us as we worship, pray, declare and decree the destiny of Heaven over our nation. Hear what national prophets are saying at this pivotal time in history. Be equipped in the Supernatural School of Ministry to do greater works, which Jesus said we would do. There are miracles waiting to be released into our lives and into our land as we embrace everything that Christ has done at Calvary. There are signs, wonders, and miracles ready to explode into the Northeast from the Throne of God as we gather together with faith-filled joy and expectancy for a manifestation of His Kingdom here on earth as it is in Heaven.

It really is remarkable just how widespread this type of prophetic political activism is and how much of it goes on below the radar of people like ourselves who are actually starting to be on the lookout for it.