Pray & ACT: Fighting Obama’s Nazis, Just Like Jesus, So God Can Wipe Out His Enemies

On Tuesday, September 7, Jim Garlow hosted a Pray and ACT conference call laying out the groundwork for the upcoming series of events his group will be holding heading into the election.

Among those participating were Ron Luce, James Robison, Chuck Colson, Vonette Bright, Lou Engle, Maggie Gallagher, and Harry Jackson.

Colson used his time to explain that he created the Manhattan Declaration because he realized that America is just like Germany was under Hitler:

We wrote the Manhattan Declaration because we had read The Barmen Declaration and we’d read the history of Germany during the Thirties; I’m reading a book on [Dietrich] Bonhoeffer right now – my wife and I are reading it together – it is incredibly instructive. He went though all the same issues we’re dealing with today. As James Robison just said so beautifully, let’s all be one, let’s stand together. Well, the church couldn’t stand together in the face of Hitler, that’s why they wrote the Barmen Declaration, to get the true believers separated from the non-believers. But the true believers made a strong stand and it cost them dearly. And I think the time has come in America where we don’t have any choice but to take this stand.

For his part, Engle assured those on the call that they are the Elijah, Moses, and Jesus of today:

I believe we are in a critical moment. Forty years since the Sixties began, a rebellion has come, but forty days of fasting, historically, is an epoch changing fast that God has given to us. Elijah fasted forty days and shifted the whole tide of the worst government and moral climate in Israel’s history. Moses fasted and delivered the law of God in forty days. And then Jesus fasted forty days and launched the Apostolic Era. I believe we are in such a moment right now that if we will seize this day we can see great victories. I want to encourage us with the supernatural power of fasting.

And finally Harry Jackson declared that Christians are being called by God to “pick a fight” so that God can “wipe out” and silence his enemies once and for all:

God is saying to us “I want to pick a fight in which I can wipe out my enemies and cause them to be silenced once and for all.” This is where America is; if we do not recognize and repent, we are going to see our way of life destroyed as we now know it.