Porter’s Fetus Stunt Falls Flat

Yesterday, we noted that Janet Porter of Faith2Action had announced that Ohio’s House Health Committee would hold a hearing on her “Heartbeat Bill” which “will feature proponent testimony from the youngest to ever come before the committee–a nine-week old unborn baby.”

Today, Porter’s stunt was put into action and turned out to be a bust, as the heartbeat of 9-week old fetus was pretty much undetectable:

State lawmakers in Ohio have seen ultrasound images of two fetuses as proponents of what would be the most stringent abortion law in the nation pushed their proposal.

The bill would ban abortions after the first heartbeat can be medically detected.

Two young mothers were given ultrasounds in a packed room at the Statehouse as part of a House committee meeting Wednesday. The heartbeat of a fetus at 15 weeks gestation was easily detected. The heartbeat in a fetus of nine weeks gestation was difficult to detect.

UPDATE: WBNS-10TV has footage from inside the hearing room as the ultrasounds were performed: