Porter: Our Goal is “To Take Dominion in Every Area” and “Occupy Until Jesus Comes”

Earlier this week we noted how Janet Porter was praying that God would “take power and influence in the media of this country and of this globe from the unrighteous and give it to righteous people” so that Christians could gain total control over the media outlets in this nation.

But, as it turns out, Porter doesn’t just want to take “dominion” over the media; she wants to “take dominion in every area” and that is what her upcoming “May Day 2010: A Cry to God for a Nation in Distress” prayer rally at the Lincoln Memorial is hoping to accomplish.

As Porter explained recently, the rally is designed to break the curse this nation is under, as represented by President Obama and the Democratic agenda, so she is bringing together a group of Religious Right leaders like James Dobson and others to engage in a day of penitence and prayer as they beseech God to redeem America.

Porter and company will also be unveiling a “Christian manifesto” which will lay out their positions on how this country ought to be run (apparently the recent Manhattan Declaration and the Mount Vernon Statement are insufficient) and yesterday she explained her ultimate purpose:

We’ve heard the conservative manifesto that’s just been done; we want to declare what we believe as Christians, what we’d like to see.  As the Humanists gathered and they put down their list, they’ve had undue influence in the country and the school systems ever since. 

What we want to do it take it back, in every area of influence and this is, well, occupy until Jesus comes, to take dominion in every area.

Allow me to also point out that Porter regularly has Republican members on Congress on her radio program – in fact, right before she made this statement, she was interviewing Senator John Barrasso (R-Wyoming) about health care, and the day before, she had Senator Mike Johanns (R-Nebraska) on her program to discuss the same issue.