Porter: Only The May Day Prayer Rally Can Wash The Blood From America’s Hands

Faith 2 Action’s Janet Porter outdoes herself with her latest WorldNetDaily column, explaining that America needs her May Day prayer rally now more than ever as the nation has fallen under control of “national socialists” who have placed us on the verge of a full-blown “communist dictatorship,” while she declares that anyone who voted to elected the Democrats must live with the blood on their hands:

Crisis. Our nation has been in crisis before. From our inception we faced insurmountable odds when we fought for freedom against the most powerful nation on earth. We were in crisis at Pearl Harbor and when we faced the National Socialist Party in Germany.

But our nation has never been more in crisis than we are right now.

Now the enemies of freedom – the national socialists – hold the seats of power and influence within our own borders in Washington

On Sunday, America’s crisis reached the catastrophic state. With the government takeovers so far, we are now a small step from a communist dictatorship.

That is why we are calling for a 40-day fast for our nation in crisis – beginning today until May the 1st.

The crisis is of our own doing. We made choices in the last election with consequences that will be felt by children facing a taxpayer-funded abortionist’s knife. Thank you, Bart Stupak … Bart Stupak has blood on his hands, and he and his cohorts must be removed from office in November.

Desecrating the Sabbath, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and her Democratic lynch men in Congress did exactly what they said they’d do when they were voted into office. And if you sent any of them to office with your vote, you, too, have blood on your hands.

Allow me to remind everyone that this woman served as co-chair of Mike Huckabee’s Faith and Family Values Coalition and has had, over the last week or so, nine Republican members of Congress on her radio program.