Porter: National ID Is The Mark of the Beast

A few weeks ago, Alan Colmes had Janet Porter on his radio program to discuss her prayer that God would take control of the media away from the unreighteous and give it to people like her and during the course of the interview Colmes asked her about some of the guests that she had hosted on her radio program, such as Jane Burgermeister who Porter brought on to discuss her claims that the swine vaccine was part of a plot by the Obama White House, along with the FBI, WHO, UN, Federal Reserve, and NATO, to commit mass genocide against the US population via bioterrorism.

Porter’s responded that just because she had someone on her radio program, that didn’t mean that she agreed with their views. But that was, as we pointed out, complete nonsense because Porter never brings people on to her show in order to debate their views; she brings people on to her program for the sole purpose of sharing their views with her audience.

Case in point: her guest from last Friday’s program was Dr. Katherine Albrecht, who Porter brought on to discuss her campaign against the use of RFID chips, which she believes are the Mark of the Beast spoken of in the Book of Revelation.

Back in 2007, Porter was already a supporter of this view, saying that she could not support then GOP presidential candidate Tommy Thompson because of his ties to a company that manufactured such RFID chips:

If this chip is truly a pre-curser to the Mark of the Beast, it may happen soon anyway, but the way I see it, it doesn’t have to happen “on our watch.” And we don’t have to play a role in expediting it. Just another reason why Tommy Thompson’s not getting my vote.

On Friday, Albrecht and Porter spent the entire hour of her program discussing how RFID chips and any sort of national ID were, in reality, the Mark of the Beast which will doom anyone who accepts one to an eternity in Hell: