Porter, LaBarbera, and Gallagher Talk Marriage In Maine

Earlier today we mentioned that Peter LaBarbera was heading up to Maine, but before he left he made time for a check-in with Janet Porter, as did the National Organization for Maine’s Maggie Gallagher.

LaBarbera explained that he was heading to Maine in order to expose the “radical agenda” of groups that are trying to influence the vote on marriage equality andy rally pro-family forces to defeat them to prevent them from brainwashing our children in the public schools.  LaBarbera and Porter urged listeners to donate money to the effort and LaBarbera twice issued a special call for financial assistance for Brian Camenker who is “in a severe financial pinch right now,” pleading with listeners to make a donation.

Starting around the 4:00 mark, LaBarbera says he believes they will win in Maine and goes on to compare the fight against marriage equality to the fight against reproductive choice, saying those who oppose the “homosexual activist agenda” are on the front lines of the culture war and are standing up against this abomination, comparing homosexuality to child sacrifice and bestiality in the Old Testament and vowing never to back down against those who “are willing to rob our religious freedom in the name of promoting that perversion in the name of civil rights.”

LaBarbera was then followed by Maggie Gallagher, who likewise sought to raise money from Porter’s listeners, though she estimated that NOM would raise nearly $10 million this year, and spent most of her time claiming that those a who support marriage equality are “lying to the people of Maine about what gay marriage means”: