Porter Joins Jacobs’ DebCo Army of Mothers

Ever since Janet Porter lost her radio program back in May due to her ties to Cindy Jacobs and Dominionism, I have been curious to see how she would ultimately respond:  would she try to distance herself from the likes of Jacobs in hopes of reclaiming her spot as a viable Religious Right leader or would she see Jacobs’ brand of prophetic intercession as her best hope for continuing her own activism. 

It has been hard to figure out just what route Porter intends to take, as she has all but disappeared from the scene in the wake of her ouster.  Aside from lashing out a few times at those who exposed her growing reliance on Dominion theology, Porter’s activism has been nonexistent … even her movie plans and blogging don’t seem to be going anywhere.

But I think we can get a sense of which direction Porter is heading in based on this:

Wouldn’t you know it, but Cindy Jacobs spoke at that same DebCo meeting … and that is Jacobs is the founder of Deborah Company which is an army of women “willing to mothers of their nations” and wage spiritual warfare against abortion and transform every sector of society: 

God is looking for mothers of nations. Why mothers? They are God’s change agents in the world. Within the heart of every woman, there beats the call to motherhood. It is the very soul of women to want to protect not only their children, but also the future destiny of the land where God planted them.

Motherhood is not only for those who have natural children. It is for those whose heart beats for the rights of the unborn, little babies crying without food, or young children sold into sex trafficking.

The biblical story of Deborah is about just such a woman. She looked around, saw her nation destroyed, and decided to do something about it. Judges 5:7 says, “…village life ceased…until Deborah arose, a mother in Israel.”

Until is an important word in that passage. To put this in the perspective of modern-day Deborahs, we could say, injustice prevailed until the mothers of the nation arose. Poverty ate away at the soul of school children until Deborah. It seems there are great dangers that threaten the life our parents and grandparents fought for in World War II. This is why we need to answer the call to stand on guard for our nations today. The nation was in danger until Deborah arose!

We need these kind of women today—Deborahs, who are willing to be mothers of their nations. It is time to arise.

This is the heart cry of the Deborah Company. All across the globe there is a coalition of women arising who recognize their nation needs them. New chapters are springing up from the Far East to Central Asia to all of Latin America. Europe is waking up to its need for godly women leaders to say, “Enough is enough!”

Julie Anderson and I were in Barcelona, Spain when I had a dramatic visitation from the Lord. I had a vision of women mounting up on horses across the face of the earth to preach the gospel and change their nations. Julie and I were both dressed in armor and had swords in our hands for battle. I believe those swords were symbolic of the battle that we are in for the souls of our nations today.

After this time, the Lord led me to start a new movement to raise up women in leadership across the face of the earth. It is called the Deborah Company or Deb Co. Our mission statement is “Empowering women to bring reformation and transformation in every sector of society, with a special emphasis on women, children, and the poor.”