Porter Fights Back, Disputes Allegations of Dominionism

It has been a rough couple of weeks for Janet Porter, ever since her May Day prayer rally at the Lincoln Memorial brought in just a few hundred people, rather that the several thousand they were expecting, leaving her to cover the tens of thousands of dollars in organizing costs.

And then things got worse when VCY America announced that it was dropping its airing and support for Porter’s radio program, due to her increasing embrace of dominion theology, cutting off a large part of her audience and funding. 

Since then, Porter’s radio program appears to have been placed on hold, as she’s just been running repeats of earlier programs for the last week or so.  But today she used her weekly column in WorldNetDaily to respond to her critics – interestingly, not critics such as us, but rather those who should be her allies who have not supported her efforts or her theology:  

Then there’s the accusation that some who were there believe in “dominion theology,” which, I’m told, wants a theocracy to rule the world. Not what I believe; not even close. We who attended May Day just want to obey God in every area of influence and use our freedom to spread the Gospel. If you do an Internet search on D. James Kennedy, Jerry Falwell, or Charles Stanley with Dominionism, you’ll see the same type of accusations were repeatedly made against them, too.

If people have a problem with being salt and light in a dark and decaying culture, they have a problem with Jesus who said if you love Him, you’ll keep His commandments.

We were even getting calls asking if I “denied the Trinity.” Are you kidding me? I would die before denying the Trinity.

If you’ve read the paper or have had a glance at the legislation that has just become law, you know that our nation is in peril. And when we find ourselves in peril, God has told us what to do (2 Chronicles 7:14): humble ourselves, pray, seek God’s face and turn from our wicked ways. It’s what Nineveh did when they had just over a month before they would be destroyed. They humbled themselves and fasted. They repented and prayed. They didn’t say, “You can’t repent with us because we don’t agree on everything.” No, they all just repented. God was pleased, and they were spared from the judgment they deserved. That’s a pretty good precedent.

The bottom line is our nation is on fire and our freedoms are burning right along with it. And yet, instead of putting out the fire, many want to turn the water hoses on each other. And then they’ll all wonder what happened when the freedom to spread the Gospel is nothing but a charred memory.

I’m not going to prevent the firemen from putting out the fire because they don’t have the “right uniform.” My primary concern is whether or not they have a hose. That is not to say we are compromising on the basics of the Bible: That hose needs to be filled with water, not with gasoline. But, if we want anything left of our freedoms and our nation, we had better start working together.

Porter’s claim that her May Day event was not a dominionist event is a little hard to understand, considering that it was based explicitly upon 7 Mountains theology, which is unabashedly dominionist and aims to create a “virtual theocracy” here on earth:

All governments suffer from corruption, a built-in sabotage that guarantees their eventual implosion. The only government that will never have any corruption is the theocratic Kingdom of God. Here on earth, there will always be something less than a perfect government. … A government can potentially function as a virtual theocracy, but only as the individuals in power allow themselves to be puppets (i.e. servants) of the theocracy (God’s rule and reign). The goal is to bring the influence of heaven to bear on whatever political machinery that exists … One of the primary roles of future government leaders will be to instruct in righteousness. The more God’s judgments are poured out on earth, the more explicitly will they be able to give that instruction.

If Porter doesn’t want to be portrayed as a dominionist, maybe she should stop organizing events based entirely upon dominion theology and stop issuing dominionist prayers seeking control over the media and declaring that her goal is “to take dominion in every area” and “occupy until Jesus comes.”

And she should probably stop writing WND columns entitled “Stop whining and take dominion!” and declaring

I think it would look something like Genesis 1:26: “Let them have dominion over … all the earth. …”

First, we must regain control of the public debate and the battlefronts, including:

the schools
the universities
the legislatures
the courts
the White House
the media
the music
and Hollywood