Porter: “Evil” Democrats “Rape and Pillage the American People”

I don’t know what happened to Janet Porter recently to set her off, but her newest WorldNetDaily column is an exercise in sheer bitterness.

Porter declares that there are four types of people in the world: “the evil, the fence-sitters, the rock throwers and those willing to do what it takes to overcome evil with good.”

President Obama and the Democrats are “the evil”:

First, there are those leaders who are evil. You know their names. They are the ones to whom we’ve given the keys to the White House and Congress. Drunk with power, they rape and pillage the American people. Exempting themselves, they have placed the American people in a position of servitude – forced to grovel to them even for treatment to save their lives. They and their followers live by a double standard exemplified by their vitriolic hate for the previous administration and for anyone who dares question this administration. They never graduated from the grade-school mentality of name-calling. Their rapid response of “racist!” is on reserve for anyone who disagrees and applies even to African-Americans, as long as they are attending a tea-party demonstration. They will do anything to shut down that “fishy” (and reportable) communication. They are few, but they are in power.

Porter goes on to dismiss the fence-sitters who care only about American Idol, fitting in and spewing the “latest liberal talking points” while the rock-throwers are only interested in criticizing everything people like Porter are trying to do in order to save America.

Then finally there are the good people, like her and those who are supporting her May Day prayer rally:

Finally, my favorite group is those willing to step out and lead for good. Unlike the evil people in power, these leaders aren’t motivated by power, prestige or self. They know the truth and are not content following the familiar or sitting on the fence. They are the people who will rent a van or bring a bus to come to our nation’s capital to pray for a nation overcome with evil, facilitated by the followers and enabled by the rock-throwers.

And there is a meeting of such leaders on Saturday, May 1 – May Day – to cry out to God for our nation in distress. It’s at the Lincoln Memorial even though Lincoln wasn’t perfect. He got one thing right, however (in addition to that whole anti-slavery thing), he acknowledged what God said in Psalm 33:12, “that those nations only are blessed whose God is the Lord.”

So put down the rocks, forgo the fence-sitting and be part of the repentant remnant God will use to take this nation back. Step up and lead at www.MayDay2010.org. It’s not about power or prestige, and it’s the opposite of self. Lead on your knees, reliant on the only one who can reach out His hand of rescue (rather than rhetoric).

Forget the evil, fence-sitters and rock throwers; overcome evil with good. It begins on May Day. Come and lead.

When Porter declares that her May Day rally is an effort to break the curse that President Obama has brought upon this nation and overcome the evil forces at work, she is not speaking figuratively – she honestly intends for her May Day rally to be a literal battle between good and evil.