Porter Brings In Biblical Economist To Testify For Heartbeat Bill

Even though her ties to Cindy Jacobs and 7 Mountains Dominionism cost Janet Porter her radio program and essentially shut down her political activism for almost a year, it has become pretty clear that she has no intention of backing away from it.  In fact, she not only got even more deeply involved in it during her time away, but continues to associate with the movement today. 

And now it looks like Porter is no longer simply associating with the Dominionists who inhabit this sphere of prophetic activism, but is actually bringing them in to her more “mainstream” political activism. 

Last week, Porter scheduled a fetus to “testify” before the Ohio Legislature in support of her “Heartbeat Bill” and this week another hearing was held where Porter brought in not only an abortion survivor to testify but also Jerry Tuma, who testified that abortion is responsible for our various economic problems:

Tuma is not a particularly well-known figure … but he the United States Reformation Prayer Network’s “National Apostolic Coordinator for the business/economic mountain” and is Cindy Jacobs’ personal friend and favorite Biblical economist: