Porter And Huckabee: Together Once Again

Even though Janet Porter believes that President Obama’s government is planning on rounding up conservatives and send them off to internment camps as part of a plot to commit mass genocide against Americans through the swine flu vaccine, she still manages to get Republican and conservative leaders to appear at her gatherings and on her radio program.

Yesterday it was Mike Huckabee, who appeared on the program to hawk his latest book. Despite her radical views, it’s not really all that surprising that Huckabee would join Porter on her program considering that he was a keynote speaker at her How To Take Back America conference earlier this year and that he had tapped her to serve as the co-chair of his presidential campaign’s Faith and Family Values Coalition.

Porter opened the program with a lengthy defense of Huckabee’s handling of the Maurice Clemmons clemency case that was based almost entirely on Huckabee’s own defense, which seemed rather odd until you remember that Porter believes Huckabee to be the “David among Jesse’s sons” that they have been longing to place in the White House.

In fact, Porter told Huckabee that they ought to have another Values Voter Debate to highlight his standing as the chosen one and keep voters from supporting “candidates of compromise” like they did during the last election.  

Porter and Huckabee then took some calls from listeners.  The first questioned Huckabee’s past statements about the Rifqa Bary case, to which replied that he is now much better informed thanks to people like Mat Staver and John Stemberger and is now “very sympathetic” to her case. 

The second caller questioned Huckabee’s membership in the Council on Foreign Relations, which has always figured heavily in right-wing conspiracy theories, and Huckabee assured the caller that he has “never been affiliated in any way” with CFR , to which Porter replied “that’s encouraging to know”: