Porter and Engle Joining Forces To Beseech God To Save America

I guess it was only a matter of time before Lou Engle showed up on Janet Porter’s radio program, which he did yesterday to discuss the upcoming The Call protest outside a Planned Parenthood facility in Houston.

Engle declared that it was an effort to “subpoena the conscience of the nation” and part of an effort by God to “raise up the Black and Hispanic voices to declare ‘we don’t want abortion clinics in our neighborhoods.'”  Engle declared that they were going to “change the paradigm of voting in America” and seek divine intervention from God to prevent this Planned Parenthood facility from opening.  Porter then tied this effort to her scheduled May Day for America rally at the Lincoln Memorial, where they too will cry to God to intervene and save America, and noted that Engle and his The Call to Conscience had signed on to participate in that event as well: