Andrew Wommack: ‘Political Correctness Is Nothing but Anti-Christ’

During last night’s “Truth & Liberty Coalition” webcast, right-wing pastor Andrew Wommack said that banning so-called “conversion therapy” is an “anti-Christ” attack on religious freedom.

After Richard Harris, who oversees the School of Practical Government at Wommack’s Charis Bible College, warned that “the LGBT movement” is trying to silence Christians by prohibiting the use of therapy on minors for the purpose of attempting to change their sexual orientation, Wommack weighed in to declare that such efforts are part of an anti-Christ plot to destroy morality.

“Let me just cut through the chase here,” he said. “This is an anti-Christ movement. Political correctness is nothing but anti-Christ. The scripture says that the spirit of Antichrist is already at work and this is an attack. If you strip back all of the layers … and you get to the core, the thing that motivates all of this is that people do not like the morality that is promoted through the Bible. They are against that. They feel convicted of their own conscience and this is an attack against all morality.”