Pierce: Elections Prove “We Are in God’s Timing to See a Nation Shift!”

We’ve written about Chuck Pierce several times before, most recently noting his participation in prayer effort in Washington DC for a week-long effort called “The Glory Shift” at which self-proclaimed “prophets” gathered to “rescue the nation from the spirit of greed that is destroying our nation, and realign our country with her destiny course” though the election.

Well, it looks like the effort was a success because Pierce is now proclaiming that God has finally shifted the nation … and you know if must be true because God regularly talks to Pierce about politics and even lifted him up into the heavens back in 2008:

We are watching history unfold before our eyes. The Lord had shown me in 2005 at a meeting in Birmingham, Alabama that our next President would be a “Black Man”, one of African-American descent (which is different from a Black American). This was recorded in Birmingham. THE LORD DOES NOTHING “WITHOUT FIRST TELLING THE PROPHETS!” Watch the road signs because the ROAD is changing!

HALLELUJAH! On May 31, 2008 the Lord lifted me into the heavens and showed me a “Triumphant Reserve” that would arise from State to State in America. We are now seeing this happen! He showed me 21 States with a covenant root, 2 states hanging in the balance, and 5 states with covenant roots that were encrusted with evil. He said, “As a nation, you are behind in righteousness, but through worshipping on the high places, you can see Thrones of Iniquity topple!”

I have communicated this previously, but wish to reiterate what the Lord said, “By May 2011, this nation will begin to shift toward Me again!”

This is happening before our eyes! We are in God’s timing to see a nation shift! Pray for our leaders and continue to worship on the high places of the enemy until things shift. I honor every movement working to shift a land back to Him.