Phillips: “Obama And His Regime Are Not Real Americans”

Tea Party Nation thinks everything about the successful operation to find and kill Osama bin Laden was an “epic fail”: it occurred in a foreign country, Obama didn’t smile or celebrate, he announced the news during the Celebrity Apprentice and bin Laden’s corpse wasn’t covered in pig fat. Philips, the president of Tea Party Nation, now claims that Obama “is either insane or has a suicide wish” because the administration decided against release a photograph of bin Laden’s mangled corpse. According to Phillips, the mission to kill bin Laden and the aftermath proves that Obama and his administration are not only weak but also aren’t “Real Americans” who “love their country” and “want to see their country prevail.”

In a sane world certain things make sense. You fight to win. You fight because you are right. You do not let thugs; bandits, criminals and bullies dictate what you do or how you fight.

This is particularly true when you are the United States of America. Yet the most powerful nation in the world is acting like a country that is either insane or has a suicide wish.

Only a few short days ago, American forces killed the most wanted man in the world. After the raid that killed him, we took Osama bin Laden’s body with us, back to a U.S. Navy warship. Instead of cleaning him up, like we did the son’s of Sadam Hussein, so we could present proof positive that we had killed him; he was quickly buried at sea, allegedly in accordance with Islamic sensibilities.

We are at war with at least radical Islam, if not Islam itself. We are told repeatedly that Bin Laden is not a true Muslim, yet we have to give him a Muslim funeral and the need to do that trumps all other considerations?

Real Americans love their country. Real Americans want to see their country prevail. Real Americans love their countrymen who sacrifice so much to make this country free.

Obama and his regime are not real Americans. And with Obama and his team at the helm of government, it is a world gone mad.

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