Phil Robertson Suggests Listening To Beyoncé Will Give You An STD

Phil Robertson, the “Duck Dynasty” celebrity who will soon be getting his own program on the online CRTV network, suggested recording artist Beyoncé was responsible for sexually transmitted diseases in the United States, warning that her music would lead Americans into the “microbe world” that will “rot your genitals off.”

In a social media video for Independent Journal Review shared on Robertson’s Facebook page on Friday, Robertson listened to clips of various pop songs and predictably expressed his disapproval. Things started to go off the rails, however, when Robertson listened to Beyoncé’s song “Blow.”

Robertson motioned for the song to be cut off.

“And you wonder why 110 million of us have a sexually transmitted disease at any given time?” Robertson asked.

Robertson warned, “So according to God, the Center for Disease Control and me, don’t listen to that chick. She will lead you down a path into the microbe world. She’ll take you down a path you don’t want to go down.”

“Boys, look out, the microbes are coming. They will rot your genitals off,” Robertson said.