Peter LaBarbera: Guy Benson Is ‘One Of The Most Dangerous Gay Activists In The United States’

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Peter LaBarbera, who leads the anti-LGBTQ hate group Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, said that openly gay conservative commentator Guy Benson is “one of the most dangerous gay activists in the United States” because gay Christians are “really radicals.”

On yesterday’s episode of “Janet Mefferd Today,” host Janet Mefferd and LaBarbera discussed a recent video put out by Benson in which he discusses his status as an openly gay man in the Christian conservative movement. LaBarbera said that if Benson was truly a “small government conservative,” then he would use his position to oppose legislative efforts to ban conversion therapy, a style of counseling that treats homosexuality as if it’s a psychological ailment.

LaBarbera said that Benson’s lack of support for what he believes is more aptly named “pro-heterosexual therapy” makes him a danger to the Religious Right.

“I think Guy Benson has become, I would say, one of the top—the most dangerous from a pro-family conservative perspective—one of the most dangerous gay activists in the United States,” LaBarbera said.

Mefferd added, “When you have a homosexual activist who’s part of the Democratic Party and is out and loud and proud and all on board with progressivism, that’s one thing. But when you have somebody who says not only ‘I’m a Republican’ but ‘I’m a conservative’ and ‘I’m a gay Christian’—now he’s putting himself in the Christian conservative camp, he just happens to be gay.”

LaBarbera took a second to clarify that he was a fan of Benson except on “this particular social issue,” but added that it was “incredibly sad” to him that Benson “has embraced homosexuality.”

“The gay conservatives—so called—and the gay Christians are far more dangerous than the radical left Dan Savages of the world because they come in and they win so much favor because of their other conservativism, then they come in and they get to what is really, where they’re really radicals,” LaBarbera said.

He went on to fault Benson for paying homage to activists who have worked to secure rights and protections for LGBTQ people.

“These same activists are now working to basically redefine Christianity to accept sin as an identity and a basis for civil rights—totally unbiblical. There’s no basis for it,” he said.