Peter LaBarbera & Jim Schneider Lament the Acceptance of LGBTQ Candidates

Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality appeared on VCY America’s “Crosstalk” radio program yesterday to lament that a record number of LGBTQ candidates are running for office in the upcoming midterm elections and nobody seems particularly concerned about it.

“The sad thing is that, even as we see this tsunami of openly LGBTQ candidates, we see the media and even conservative media reluctant to talk about it,” LaBarbera said. “The homosexual factor is pretty much a non-issue, except when it’s being celebrated. If you dare criticize it, that’s bigotry, homophobia, et cetera; it’s only to be celebrated and that makes it very hard to make our point and to actually campaign for what we believe in.”

“At present, there are roughly 500 openly elected LGBT officials in the country,” responded host Jim Schneider. “What they’re trying to do, of course, is to add significantly to these ranks. I’m only guessing this is how elections started in Sodom and Gomorrah as well.”