Personhood Group Warns Trump He’ll Face God’s Judgment If He Fails To Outlaw Abortion

Colorado Right to Life, an affiliate of the fetal “personhood” group American Right to Life, took out a full-page ad in The Washington Times yesterday warning President Trump that if he merely supports regulating abortion with increased restrictions or returning the issue to the states, rather than completely criminalizing it, he will face the judgment of God.

The group warned Trump:

Life of the Baby: We implore you to consider that on Judgment Day, God will take personally the intentional killing of every child. What this means for you is that on that day, with your own eyes President Trump, you will see each child killed under your abortion policy, every one of those boys and girls. What earthly historians write of your legacy will mean nothing compared to your eternal legacy, the one that you yourself are writing, and that God will read back to you. (The Bible you used to take your oath of office teaches this. See for example Revelation 20:12.)

It then used a graphic comparing abortion providers to ISIS (one of its favorite strategies) to underscore its belief that regulations meant to limit access to abortion are “immoral”:

The Worst of Regulations: Regulations are strangling American business but abortion regulations strangle children. It is grotesquely immoral to reduce a child’s God-given right to life to a second-tier negotiable issue, as is done with every well-intentioned but misguided abortion “regulation”. All abortion regulations, like wait 24 hours; get informed consent; anesthetize the fetus, end with, “and then you can kill the baby.” Therefore they would keep abortion legal even if Roe v. Wade were merely overturned because they re-authorize the killing. Regulations not only backfire by making abortion seem more humane, they are immoral.


President Trump, you have made it clear that ISIS is evil and needs to be stopped, not contained. Those who regulate child killing are as misguided and wrong as those who would be satisfied with containing rather than defeating ISIS.

The group also warned Trump that God will hold him accountable if he oversees the return of abortion laws to the states rather than banning the practice nationwide:

“States Rights” Don’t Include Killing Kids: Libertarians beginning with Ron Paul have infected the Republican Party with the abortion states’ rights position which is as immoral as the Roe opinion itself. The federal government has no authority to decriminalize child killing and neither do the states. So God will hold you accountable also for the kids killed by your judicial policy. Beware. The justice whom you said was your model, Antonin Scalia, tragically said, “I will strike down… a law that is the opposite of Roe v. Wade. … One [side] wants no state to be able to prohibit abortion and the other one wants every state to have to prohibit abortion, and they’re both wrong.” God is right. Scalia was wrong.