Perry Prayer Rally Endorser Says “Spiritual Pollution” Is Making You Sick

As we continue to research the leaders who have signed on as public endorsers of Gov. Rick Perry’s “The Response” prayer rally, we just keep finding good stuff.  And we can now add Alice Smith to the list, based on this appearance with Benny Hinn where she promoted the need for “spiritual housecleaning“:

Demons do not need a specific invitation to oppress and influence people’s lives; they sneak into homes, families and churches at the smallest opportunity, often under the noses of even the most vigilant believers. Spiritual House Cleaning explains, step by step, how readers can rid their lives of the enemy’s influence … Many families, even Christian families, suffer needlessly from unseen evil infestations. This doesn’t just happen.

A demonically infected atmosphere is a result of “doors” that have been left open—doors of sin, even the sins of previous residents and of past generations! And evil’s grip is often maintained as a result of one’s possessions. Your home should reflect the pure, peaceful presence of Christ. A defiled spiritual atmosphere will affect you, your relationships, your health and even your success.

As Smith explained, cursed items – which can include everything from shirts to rings – have a “spiritual umbilical cord” that attaches to you and gives demonic spirits the ability to plague you with sickness and fill your home with “spiritual pollution”: