Perkins: Obama Has Been Our “Worst Nightmare” And a “Threat to America”

On the lastest episode of “The Brody File,” the half-hour program featuring CNB’s David Brody, Tony Perkins voiced his displeasure with Michael Steele and Bart Stupak, as well as his belief that President Obama is a “threat to America.”

That statement came about after Brody asked Perkins if the Obama administration has turned out to be as bad as he expected.  Beginning at the 5:00 mark, Perkins claims that while he was never a fan of Obama’s, he was “not hostile” to the administration initially … but:

My worst nightmare has come to reality and more, in this administration. I was indifferent, going about our business, continuing to work on policy.  This administration, in my view, is a threat to America. What we see coming out of this administration, [not only] the hostility to traditional values, but the outright ignoring of the law.  We can have the theoretical debate over the Constitution when it came to the pushing of health care and the authority of the federal government, but even when it comes down to the Census, which we saw this week the Commerce Department basically telling homosexual couples out there to ignore federal law, to lie and put on your Census form that you’re married if you feel like you’re married. That’s a violation of the 1996 Federal Defense of Marriage Act. What kind of government tells its people to lie on official forms?