‘Pedogate’ Conspiracy Theorist Liz Crokin Scores An Interview With A Congressional Candidate

Liz Crokin, a conspiracy theorist obsessed with the notion of a global satanic pedophile ring, hosted congressional hopeful Mike Schmitt on her YouTube channel yesterday, where she theorized that he may have been suspended from Twitter for working against sex traffickers in Iraq.

Schmitt is seeking the Republican nomination to fill the open California congressional seat left by Rep. Darrell Issa’s retirement. As part of his campaign, Schmitt joined Crokin at her home for an interview.

On Twitter, Crokin used the hashtag “#pedogate” to promote the interview.

At the beginning of the interview, Schmitt claimed he was suspended from Twitter for discussing healthcare and then was unable to log back into his account. Schmitt theorized that Twitter banned him because he posted videos on his social media accounts claiming that single-payer healthcare plans are part of a “Soviet-style takeover with Politburo-style bureaucracies [that] are going to run and own healthcare, which is very problematic.”

But it wasn’t long before Crokin brought up the elite ring of satanic pedophiles that she believes plagues the world. Crokin accused social media companies of “actively targeting” people like herself who “have been exposing sex trafficking,” and said she wondered if Twitter had also targeted Schmitt for similar reasons. Schmitt says on his campaign website that he has traveled to Iraq to help fund humanitarian efforts with groups combating ISIS.

“I can’t help but wonder, because of your background and all the brave work that you’ve done in Iraq to help women and children—free them from ISIS and free them from becoming ISIS sex slaves—like, maybe that’s part of the reason why you’re a target,” Crokin said.

Crokin is a top voice for a network of people who believe that President Trump is working behind the scenes to undo a massive satanic pedophile ring and that the “deep state” is working to silence voices exposing this truth by any means possible.