Paula White Is Using Her Daily Coronavirus Prayer Sessions to Heap Praise on Trump

Presidential spiritual adviser Paula White has been using her time at home amid the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak to stream daily prayer sessions on social media during which she mainly asks for money and heaps praise on President Donald Trump for the supposedly amazing job he has done in handling the current crisis.

“He’s shown very decisive leadership,” White said during yesterday’s broadcast. “I’ve gotten to see that leadership in himself, his administration, his family in unprecedented times. There is a great calm and peace for most Americans; Gallup polls show that, so much shows that due to his leadership.”

“Thank you President Trump for doing such an outstanding job to navigate us as a people and as a nation,” she continued. “It’s a shame people take the cheap shots … Let’s have the right attitude, let’s have the right thoughts, like, ‘You go, President … You want to help all people. Thank you.'”

“We shouldn’t be ‘Gotcha’ or ‘You can’t do this,'” White added. “Let’s be, ‘You can, we’re cheering you on, you go, we’ve got it, we’re praying for you.’ Because this is what’s right and what’s pleasing. Say, ‘Thank you, President Trump, for your decisive leadership.'”

“Because of your leadership, 60 percent plus in a Gallup poll are showing, ‘Wow, what an incredible job you’re doing,'” she said.