Paula White Claims to Have Gone to the Throne Room of Heaven Where She Saw the Face of God

Presidential spiritual adviser Paula White claims to have recently been transported to the Throne Room of Heaven, where she received a new “mantle” and anointing from God.

In a video posted on YouTube by user Jennifer Veterans4truth, White appears to have recounted her trip to Heaven while recently preaching at Apostle Guillermo Maldonado’s church in Miami, Florida, judging by the fact that she is wearing the same outfit and preaching in the same chapel as in this other video posted on Maldonado’s King Jesus Ministry YouTube page on February 11.

White, a prosperity gospel preacher and current White House aide, claimed that a weight suddenly fell upon her that pushed her to the floor, at which point her spirit ascended to Heaven.

“I literally went to the Throne Room of God,” she said. “There was a mist that was coming off the water, and I went to the throne of God, and I didn’t see God’s face clearly, but I saw the face of God … I knew it was the face of God.”

“He put a mantle [on me] and it was a very distinct mantle,” White continued. “There was a mantle, and I saw it very distinctly, the color was like a goldish, a yellowish goldish … and then I saw the Earth for a moment, and [God] brought me back, and he put me in certain places, one being the White House, one being certain continents.”

“I didn’t come out of that really until the next morning,” White reported.