Paul Joseph Watson: ‘Me Too’ Movement Has Been Co-Opted By Conspiracy To Demoralize Men

Paul Joseph Watson, a popular right-wing commentator on YouTube and Infowars editor-at-large, uploaded a video in which he claims that the “Me Too” movement, in which women are sharing their stories of sexual assault and the sexual misconduct of men in power, has been co-opted by a greater conspiratorial agenda to “annihilate the fundamental structure of western society.”

In the video uploaded yesterday, titled “The War on Men,” Watson breaks down the different ways he believes that advertisers, news media and clothing manufacturers are contributing to the demoralization of white men in society. As part of his explanation, Watson mentions that he believes the “Me Too” movement has been co-opted by those leading the demoralization effort.

“We’re mass unwitting participants in a huge social engineering experiment based around vilifying masculinity and de-moralizing men, and the ‘Me Too’ movement has been co-opted to serve that agenda,” Watson said.

“What kind of warped scheme needs to dilute or destroy masculinity and traditional gender roles to succeed? One that seeks to completely annihilate the fundamental structure of western society, so the annihilators can completely remake it in their own image,” Watson claimed. “This is about the pursuit of raw power. This is Marxism rebranded. Identity politics, the very ideology that belittles and denigrates men—particularly white men—is just a new form of an old Marxist trick: divide and conquer.”

Watson goes on to claim that the social forces he believes are to blame for vilifying men have “convinced themselves that fundamental biological science is a grand conspiracy invented by the patriarchy … and now they’re going to convince everyone else by law, by force, by silencing dissent, and by mass indoctrination.”