Paul Begley: Democrats Hate Trump ‘Because They Thought They Were Going To See The Glory Of The Luciferians’

Right-wing pastor Paul Begley hosted a livestream program last night to discuss the press conference that President Trump held with Russian president Vladimir Putin in Finland yesterday. The title of Begley’s video tells you all that you need to know about how he viewed the event: “Trump & Putin Take On The New World Order (Illuminati) And Media.”

During the program, Begley declared that Trump has come under withering criticism for his performance during the press conference because Luciferians are outraged that he and Putin are destroying their plans to install a one-world government.

Begley asked why Democratic leaders like Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Chuck Schumer haven’t retired and gone away, concluding that they remained in office “because they thought the New World Order was going to be already in play” but their plans were thwarted by the prayers of Christians who beseeched God not to let America “fall into the hands of the treasonous enemy,” which were answered when He put Trump in the White House.

“When I tell you that Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin are taking on the New World Order, they are,” Begley said. “They really, really are. We have an Antichrist lurking among us, folks, and these old senators and congressmen that won’t go away, it’s because they thought they were going to see the glory of the Luciferians. They thought their time had come.”

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