Patriotism at Pro-Immigrant Rally Decried President Steve Elliot and his colleague produced a video of last week’s pro-immigrant rally in Washington, offering their own slant as an audio commentary. They appeared particularly disturbed by the appearance of patriotism, a sentiment that contradicts their booklet “The Truth About the Illegal Alien Invasion.” According to Elliot, this means “they’re getting smarter now, and they’re hiding the true agenda.” As the camera zooms in on a People For the American Way t-shirt, they say:

Ron De Jong: There was another big thing too: There was a lot of patriotism. I saw a lot of patriotism. So the agenda had changed; they’ve shifted their tactic. I saw maybe one or two Mexican flags the whole time I was there.

Steve Elliot: Right. They’re very careful, Ron. And I think that this—we’ve got to convey this to our team members that they’re getting smarter now, and they’re hiding the true agenda which makes—and I’m glad we produced the booklet even more than we produced—because there is an agenda behind this.

PFAW t-shirt

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