Pat Robertson’s Greatest Hits

It was just last week that we posted a collection of old Pat Robertson videos, but since he’s making news once again by saying the tragic earthquake in Haiti stems from the fact that the nation once “swore a pact to the Devil,” now seems like a good time to go back at take a look at some of Robertson’s most outrageous statements from recent years:


  • Robertson says Muslims should be treated like “some fascist group.”



  • Robertson says gays are on their way to hell.



  • Robertson says hate crimes legislation would protect someone “who likes to have sex with ducks.”



  • Robertson says all other religions worship “demonic powers.”



  • Robertson’s advice to the GOP on handling the Rep. Mark Foley scandal: just say that it is “what gay people do so don’t worry about it.”



  • Robertson says marriage equality is “so gross” it will lead to the end of our nation.



  • Robertson reports that God told him to expect massive terrorist attacks on the United States in 2007, and lists the specific cities at risk.



  • Robertson declares that the separation of church and state is “insane.”



  • Robertson states that Ariel Sharon suffered a stroke because he was “dividing God’s land.”



  • Robertson warned that President Bush was “asking for the wrath of God” for not adequately supporting Israel.




Explain to me again why incoming Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell invited Robertson to attend his inauguration. Or why Rep. Michele Bachmann, whom Robertson lauds as a “marvelous public servant,” is appearing on his program.