Pat Robertson says Michael J. Fox “A Little Over the Top”

Pat Robertson doesn’t go quite as far as some on the right who have said Michael J. Fox was “pathetic,”  “lying,” or saying things that were “untrue” in the recent embryonic stem-cell research ad featuring Fox, who suffers from Parkinson’s disease.  

Robertson did however say in a segment about the upcoming Senate race in Missouri that Rush Limbaugh was pointing out that Fox “seemed a bit over the top.”

Robertson scientifically bolstered his skepticism adding:

“[Fox] plays a role in a show called ‘Boston Legal’ and he doesn’t do all that gyrating back and forth and that. Whatever disease his Parkinson’s is showing he doesn’t have all that problem. Now is that too much meds or not enough?”

At least a few people at CBN seemed to have learned to avoid compounding Robertson’s (to put it mildly) insensitive faux pas.  Christian Broadcasting Network’s political correspondent David Brody didn’t bite, and instead of answering Robertson’s question about whether or not Fox had taken “too much or not enough” medication launched into his story about the impact of the ads on Missouri voters saying it was hard to tell what impact the commercial was having in Missouri as most of the people he had asked about it still seemed confused over the issues.



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